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2011 Submissions

H4unted H0use Dubstep Song
Unlimited [FakebitEurodance] Dance Song
..ace.. [lng vrsn] Techno Song
...ace... Techno Song
4lt1v3r5e Video Game Song
7893e Industrial Song
6782c Industrial Song

2009 Submissions

Going Home.. Video Game Song
fly [metal] Heavy Metal Song
bad monkeys (video edit/remix) Techno Song
quantum bleep Video Game Song
side scrolling Video Game Song
5tep Techno Song

2008 Submissions

Summer Song Trance Song
bad monkeys Trance Song
constellation Trance Song
operation 6 Dance Song
planet of the light sentinels Dance Song
remote viewer Trance Song
air (edit) Miscellaneous Song
timewarp64 Video Game Song
epinephrine (shrt vrsn) Trance Song
epinephrine Techno Song
flat earth Techno Song
jump'n'run lvl 2 Video Game Song
castle (exploration#23) Miscellaneous Song
sicurezza Trance Song